* How can parents get involved?

Each meet requires the following positions to be filled by parents:
Starter* – Operates the electronic starting device for each race; notifies swimmers of each event and distance.
Stroke and Turn Judges* – Ensures swimmers comply with the start, swim, and finish rules related to each event and has the authority to disqualify a swimmer for violations of those rules.
Clerk of the Course – Organizes swimmers into heats and assigns lanes; provides a place for the swimmers to wait until their race is called.
Announcer – Calls events to the Clerk of the Course; makes all general announcements using the PA system.
Timers – Uses stop watches to time swimmers.
Runners – Collects timer results after each event and deliver to the table workers for computer entry.
Hospitality – Prepares/serves drinks to meet workers/coaches throughout the meet.
Set up/Clean up

Computer* – Enters the final times for every swimmer, prints ribbon labels and final results.
Point – Receives the entry cards and organizes the cards for computer entry.
Awards – Organizes ribbons and then peels and sticks the printed labels on the backs of the ribbons.

Positions labeled with an asterisk (*) require training which is held prior to the start of the season. All other positions do not require previous experience or training.

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