GREEN TEAM- 11:15-11:45 AM

GREEN TEAM:  The Green Team is designed for young swimmers brand new to competition.  These swimmers need to be comfortable in water deeper than their height and able to maneuver themselves through the water unassisted.  All four strokes are taught.

Pre-Competitive Division

Each team offers a pre-competitive division for their swim team. This division is usually for the younger swimmers who are not quite ready for swim meet competition. General swim and stroke instruction is the focus for this group of swimmers.

The league offers one Pre-Competitive swim meet during the season to give these swimmers a chance to experience a swim meet in a non-threatening environment. There are no disqualifications and all swimmers only swim 25s. Each swimmer receives a participation ribbon at the completion of each race. This is a great opportunity for new swimmers to “warm-up” to the idea of swim competition.

View and/or Print: Pre-Competitive Order of Events

All team must provide volunteers for the duration of the meet.

1 Clerk of the course

1 Head timer plus 3 additional timers

1 Table worker

1 Hospitality worker

1 Runner (can be an older swimmer from team)